Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Picture Perfect

Ninth grade is stress, stress, stress.
You see, I even started studying on daily basis. That never happens in my life. I sit crisscross applesauce on the bed, the day before the exam and read, read and read like there's no tomorrow. Except, there is. And there is also a freaking bonus: an exam.
So that must pretty much explain my long absence.
Right now, I'm having my routine guava which my mother gave- AND I bit off the stem part while typing.
So now. Hmm. I forgot what I was about to type. Anyways.
Dear Bloggy,
Life is going on. I skipped a lot of days these past few weeks. In school too, of course. But I finally finished all my works. Now that I'm typing about it, I realize I still have a bit of Tamil projects to do. Mhm. Okay. I'll do it later.
School was awesome today. Though I was tuned out half the time, I had great fun with the buds. This year seems hopeful even though my grades deceive me. I soaked in rain all the way home. This guy from my class, who goes in a bike (TVS, pfft.), zooms past me when I was riding on my bike (NMC pro, limited edition. Yes. That awesome) and basking in the summer showers. I almost tripped. And he, dare I say, smirked.
So, um, I'm sorry I haven't been seeing you for a long time. I have to say though, I'm having an affair with someone. No, no. Not Rupert Sanders. Hey, I'm not Kristen Stewart. It''s just, there's this someone, he's so understanding and oh-so-awesome.
His name is Tumblr.
And I assure, it's not gonna go any farther until I find out myself if he's really a he or not.
Until then, ta-ta.

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