Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Skirts To Shawls

So, I have been kinda busy. 
No, I wasn't.

You know, with all the holiday boredom and fun. 

So, I'm finally getting a mobile. And supposedly, from next year onwards, we ninth graders are supposed to wear churidhars. Ggggreat. 


Not you boys, don't you worry. 

But still, I'm fussed up. All these years of skirt and suddenly they are giving me a fucking churidhar?? Disgusting. 

My stories are coming up great and if I could just boast a little (hey, it's my blog after all), I might even publish them...

In the nearest future

....thousand light years from now

In another planet...

Of course.

I could teach the land there to read and will let them to review. 
That's how I roll. 
And rock., I found my mom scolding my dad for buying me a mobile. Honestly? I don't know how I feel about that. Do I need a mobile? Now? At this age? When I'm supposed to play outside? To socialize? To not sit in front of computer and TV all day?


I woke up to my mom telling -uhm,- scolding my dad on how I might take it to school and cause trouble, cause apparently I'm a troublemaker (oh, you're flattering me mom) and that I could get my phone lost. 

Well, hello, why don't you buy and see what happens? Better judgement, eh? 

So, um, I found this funny stuff. 

So today's awesome times three chillax dose: Blonde Keyboard

Pretty funny, ain't it?

No offense, blondies.

So that's Kaya Scodelario in the GIF. Beautiful ain't she?

So, have a nice day?

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