Sunday, 13 May 2012

Chennai, You Miss Me?

So, I’m back.
That must count to something, right?
Okay. So, the story’s short. The trip was short and I cut my middle finger the second day of the trip.
So, I have been getting my feet stamped day after day during the trip.
Gokul’s been afraid of tarantulas and is now checking for one everywhere he goes. Varsha’s been talking non-stop and has been putting a lot of mokkai (along with me of course. Kaanu’s been as annoying as always. I had been as awesome as always.
The pictures are taking 45 seconds to be uploaded and it will be on soon.
So, apparently, there was current everywhere. Except the TV in theVIProom didn’t work.
Lot of booze by the parents.
They think we don’t know. HEhe.
Varsha and Gokul tasted some. They are currently throwing up, actually.
So, the trip was good. We spotted porcupines, sambar deers and a jackal. We also saw a tiger eating some grass.
So, we didn’t see a cheetah, but we saw some monkeys fight for me. Nope, they fought for territory.
They were seriously into it. And I’m cursing now since I can’t use my middle finger to type and it’s really irritating.
I cut both the fingers with my fly. Haha. No. Really.

I'm gonna tell you about the trip by photos. Warning: I might look bad, please forgive me. I'm not photogenic. 

I'll first tell you where we went. So, Monday evening, we three packed up and went to Chennai Central by train and met up with our gang there. 

Here's our gang:       --THE GANG--
Hmm...someone's missing. Yep. The Glare. That's my Dad's bald spot. Here, the whole gang without the lady with her leg sticking out - that's actually Jansi by the way. 
So, the introductions. From the top left, kay? It's Raju Uncle and Poori Aunty whose son is Gokul, who is sitting underneath Poori. Yeah? Then, the guy next to Poori is Natu Uncle (short for Natarajan ;)) who parents Varsha - the sunglasses, with Jansi Aunty. She is missing here, sorry. Then comes my parents. The one next to Natu is my mom - Kalyani and next to her is my dad - Veera. And the boy with the white jacket is Kaanu, Varsha's niece. Yes. You heard right. Their family is kinda complicated. To that later, now you wondering where me is? Of course, me is the blue hooded, blue sneaker-ed, looking glum one. 

So then. Now, the photographers. --THE AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHERS--

My dad's the usual one, but everyone takes a chance. The most important ones are>

Me and Varshu. =P Hey, I take my pride in my talent :p. And yeah, we did take each other like that in the same place. Haha. Lol. Yeha. 

So then, next uppp...where did we go next? Wait, I didn't even tell you where we went. So, continuing. So after meeting up with gang, we headed for our train which delayed and we ended up awake throughout the night. Morning we woke up, played Uno and then went to our usual ride. His name is Murugan and he usually takes us in his Tempo Traveller to go around the place. The place is Ooty, so first we headed off to a mountain, Avalanche and stayed in a resthouse up hill there for two, three days. The Tempo is where the first Gang pic was taken and the second gang pic is in front of our resthouse in Avalanche. God, you have to see the view point there. It's rocking. 

Now come's the interesting part. While staying in Avalanche, we went to Dams and Fishery and everything around there. Here are some pics -

 The dam, yeah?
 This is outside the fishery :P We did a little brook adventuring, lead by me :) and another brook too.
This one is inside. I was actually kinda sleepy after seeing all the fishes. 

So, about the interesting part, it was in our resthouse. In the toilet. Heard about Gokul's fear and my love for tarantulas? It started here. 


So funny. Actually.

Then we went to Manjoor after out cottage in Kothagiri was damaged and blah blah blah. We went brook adventuring, trekking and parents did some booze. 

Later, later...what did we do??? Hey you want to see the THINKING MAN???
Now for some crazy funny pics--

 So, practically, you see, our gang is one heck of a funny gang. Want proof? 

Here's the last topic-- THE ROMANCE --
Lol. And here's a random pic of me in Manjoor resthouse and some pics of me and Varsh. 

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