Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Nothing To Do.

When there's nothing to do in my normal, bored life as always, I sit and watch Supernatural for hours and get infected by Ghost Sickness. 

But since, yesterday, after I finished my English exam, I came to home and happily waited for one hour just for the electricity to come back. 

But no. It betrayed me. Apparently, the shortage had gone by nine in the morning and comes by five and guess what I did. I slept on the bedroom floor. 


And apparently I had left the TV on and thee complex machine switches thyself on when current comes. So apparently, I had slept through two hours of loud Tata Sky advertisements and had totally tuned out the bell ringing like five times. 

And mother comes home and we brawl about my sleeping rights and mother storms out, calling for the servant aunty. Awesome. 

And now I'm here, using my study holiday, for posting my awesome sucky life's problems on my deserted blog. 

Tomorrow is Math. 

And I feel so jealous that Jessie had already started reading. 


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