Saturday, 31 March 2012


I think I might lose two marks, but, hey I did Hindi pretty awerockingsome well.

Thank you, Barney.

For believing in me ;')

Friday, 30 March 2012

Kya Bakavasya Hai, Manusya?

Don't mind the title if you seriously don't know Hindi. Because, apparently tomorrow's Hindi and I have to study. 


I freaking don't know a question nor an answer in Hindi. I'm planning on omitting the Q&A and instead focus on the other forty marks of objective. Ten marks alone is Q&A. Who the fuck does that? Huh? 

But I guess I could say that I read the objectives well, but Q&A are still a doubt to me. Well, what matters is that, for the first time in my whole life I have officially done Tamil, which was held today, better than ever. Coming from me, that's awesome times three. 

That's rhyming. 

Hey. Awesome. 

-Alex (Going back to study Hindi)

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Raw Happiness.

I finished racking my brains.
I think I'm very well versed in Tamil.

Though I'm not sure if I still remember those. Eh. It's ok. I have officially finished Tamil, well, except three Stories. Yep.

It's so easy, so, I'll read it after reading Harry Potter.

:D :D :D


My life is a fail.
My reading habits are a fail.
And my Math exam today was a fail.


I had to rack my brains out and put them back in. I was on the verge of pulling my hair off when I realized there were people around.

So, here I am, updating one last before I rack my brains again and study for Tamil. I'm doing good progress, if you ask me.

So, wish me luck.


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Motivating Myself. Please Don't Mind.

Self five for Lame-os. 

Forget I said that Lord Barney Stinson. I worship you.

Self Five! for my math exam. Just motivating myself, don't you mind. =)

-Alex (I'm just weird like that. Actually, I'm nervous- which I should have not blurted out. It's just my female ego. Oh God- uh Barney, I'm freaking f-ed up aren't I? I LOVE YOU MATH. Maybe I'm just high.)

Math, eh.

I tried to read, really. 
But it didn't work. 
I just read (mugged) all the formulas. I'm going to bet on my life that I'm gonna fail tomorrow. Well, I'm not exactly the suicide type, but the killer type, but uh- not betting on my life. 
I bet on my love for chocolates. 
That is justice. 
Well, le me is going to face the Math exam tomorrow with only formulas in her mind. I'm fucked up. 

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Nothing To Do.

When there's nothing to do in my normal, bored life as always, I sit and watch Supernatural for hours and get infected by Ghost Sickness. 

But since, yesterday, after I finished my English exam, I came to home and happily waited for one hour just for the electricity to come back. 

But no. It betrayed me. Apparently, the shortage had gone by nine in the morning and comes by five and guess what I did. I slept on the bedroom floor. 


And apparently I had left the TV on and thee complex machine switches thyself on when current comes. So apparently, I had slept through two hours of loud Tata Sky advertisements and had totally tuned out the bell ringing like five times. 

And mother comes home and we brawl about my sleeping rights and mother storms out, calling for the servant aunty. Awesome. 

And now I'm here, using my study holiday, for posting my awesome sucky life's problems on my deserted blog. 

Tomorrow is Math. 

And I feel so jealous that Jessie had already started reading. 


Monday, 26 March 2012

New Beginnings.

Just some starting problem.
Let me tell you something, as to why I have took down all the previous post. They. did. no. justice. to. who. I. am.
And believe me, I still don't know who I am.